Our Team

  • Mark Savaya

    Mark Savaya

    As CEO of Future Grow Solutions, Mark Savaya directs a Henry Ford-like integrated system for medical and recreational marijuana products. From clones to tested, branded marijuana products, Savaya has created a Michigan cannabis company unlike any other.

    Savaya brings his many years of experience as a successful start-up business investor and daily operations manager to Michigan’s medicinal and recreational marijuana market. Currently, Savaya is overseeing multiple cannabis complexes across the state in various stages of development.

    If you are interested in opening a cannabis business, contact Mark at 248-318-8010 or mark@futuregrowsolutions.net.

  • Randal Toma

    Randal Toma
    Cofounder and President

    Randal is a practicing attorney for over 19 years in various areas of law, focusing on business, real estate, corporate, and cannabis.

    Randal manages corporate growth and development of Future Grow Solutions, including increasing the services provided, developing relationships and alliances to better serve our clients and assisting new clients in discovering ways to benefit from our products and services.

    Contact Randal at randal@futuregrowsolutions.net or call 248-894-6363.

  • Jovanni Sattam

    Jovanni Sattam
    Operations Manager

    As Operations Manager for FGS, Jovanni brings a calm guidance to the team. He oversees standard operating procedures of the first seed-to-sale growing business located in the city of Detroit. His depth of knowledge and passion for the purpose has led Jovanni to develop and implement ways which have increased productivity in cultivation, harvesting, production and sales.

  • John David

    John David
    Cultivation Manager

    John David oversees daily operations of The Crop Towers™ as well as the cultivation and health of the cannabis crops. His intimate knowledge of The Crop Tower™ capabilities came from years of installing multiple towers in various facilities. His contributions to the cultivation process are innumerable and he is proud to be at the forefront of such a growing industry.

  • David Greenway
    David Greenway
    Master Grower

  • Sal Tobia
    Sal Tobia
    Chief Executive Technology Engineer & Security Systems Specialist

  • Gabriella Bingitore
    Gabriella Bingitore
    Marketing Manager