A fully intefrated vertical grow and nutrition management system

Why Choose Hyperponic?

Based on more than five years of testing, the CropTowerTM by HyperponicTM uses state-of-the-art growing and nutritional technologies in a specially designed environment to create the optimum growing conditions.


Turnkey Solutions

The CropTowerTM system is a technologically advanced growing system that provides growers with a computer-controlled environment and nutrition-management system. With components to facilitate cloning, planting, growth, harvest, cleaning and re-planting, the solutions from HyperponicTM will revolutionize the way you grow indoors.
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Minimal Upfront Capital

Future Grow Solutions can help you with everything you need to start your grow operation.  We’ve reduced the risk of adding the HyperponicTM CropTowerTM system to your facility by creating a leasing model that will reduce upfront costs.  There is little upfront investment beyond an initial down payment. Contact our team to discuss the down payment and monthly lease payment model. 


Triple Production

Each CropTowerTM can grow 102 plants in 81 square feet, with a minimum of 6 harvests annually, increasing yield up to 3x over current production in the same size space.  This allows you to maximize your existing space based on your current license.

Class C License – 1500 plants – 4000 square feet

Class B License – 1000 plants – 3000 square feet

Class A License – 500 plants – 2000 square feet


Reduce Operating Costs

With cost-saving mechanisms built in across the grow solutions, you can reduce your operating costs by up to 20%.

  • Low wattage grow lights produce more light with less heat and up to 70% cost savings compared to traditional or other LED products on the market
  • Up to 50% labor costs due to automated processes
  • 90% water savings
  • Estimated 25% less A/C costs
  • 50% less fertilizer costs
  • 100% less grow material


These savings can add up to increased margins by reducing cost per pound to wholesale commodity rates, leading to incredible fast ROI.


Perpetual Harvest

No matter the weather, you will have a perpetual 60-day harvest with reduced time for clone and veg.  This not only means at least 6 harvests annually, it makes it easier to hire full-time, higher quality staff versus part-timers.


Expert Monitoring

We provide commercial growers a clean, consistently controlled, virtually automated environment.  The proprietary computer management system monitors and manages every key aspect of each tower. Air, nutrition, temperature, lights, CO2, humidity and other elements that affect plant growth and quality is continuously monitored, measured, and managed to ensure optimum outcomes.


Water & Nutrition Management

The CropTowerTM automatically delivers temperature-controlled, oxygenated, nutrient rich water into the top of the tower which gently “rains” down on the plant root system where the roots directly absorb all the necessary water and nutrients required for accelerated growth.

The water delivery system also eliminates the clogging that tends to occur with misters in traditional aeroponics systems.  The result is a virtually-maintenance free system for feeding your crops. This drastically reduces maintenance costs, not to mention the headaches that come with constant upkeep of your grow.


Energy-Efficient Lighting

Each CropTowerTM is outfitted with 360° of our energy-saving, custom, full-spectrum LED grow lights from Violet GroTM to produce the precise light each plant needs to expedite growth.  Violet Gro’s lights combine cutting-edge design with patented technology to create cost-effective, long-term solutions to indoor growing, providing plants more light with less heat, leading to substantial energy savings.


High Quality Product

The ultimate benefit is the high-quality product produced by each CropTowerTM. They have been engineered to give you an average of 15-25 pounds per harvest of consistent, high quality, medical grade product. Depending on the strain, harvest levels can reach 32 pounds per tower/harvest.  Harvest roots also increase raw material volume leading to increased revenue with oil/gram.


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