The CropTower™ fully integrated vertical grow and nutrition management system provides growers with a computer-controlled environment and nutrition-management system. The CropTower™ automatically delivers temperature-controlled, oxygenated, nutrient rich water into the top of the tower which gently “rains” down on the plant root system where the roots directly absorb all the necessary water and nutrients required for accelerated growth.

Outfitted with 360° of energy-saving, full-spectrum LED grow lights from Violet Gro™, the CropTower™ produces the precise amount of light each plant needs to expedite growth. The cutting-edge design and patented technology provides more light with less heat, leading to substantial energy savings.

With components to facilitate cloning, planting, growth, harvest, cleaning and re-planting, the solutions from Future Grow Solutions will revolutionize the way you grow any crop indoors.

Evolution of a concept

Developed by NASA and Disney many years ago, the aeroponic concept is a proven and effective means of growing crops. With traditional aeroponic grows, misters spray a fine mist to the roots to feed them water and nutrients. Often, these nutrient molecules are too big for the misters, and have a strong tendency to clog. This requires an enormous amount of ongoing maintenance to main system performance.

The CropTower™ water delivery system eliminates the clogging, provide a virtually maintenance-free system for feeding your crops. Our system drastically reduces maintenance time, headaches and costs that come with constant upkeep of your grow using traditional aeroponic methods.

No matter what you decide to grow using our system, the revolutionary CropTower™ solves many grower problems including mold, mites and more. Our system ensures high quality, high yield crops, ease of operation and profitability.

The CropTower™ system advantages:

  • Maximizes existing space by going vertical
  • No growing medium needed
  • 90% water savings
  • 50% less labor expenses
  • 50% less fertilizer expenses
  • 25% less energy expenses