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Exclusive Distributor of the CropTowerTM System for the State of Michigan

The CropTowerTM

Triple your production capacity and revenues by going vertical in your existing space. The fully integrated grow system which will revolutionize the way you grow indoors.

Based on more than five years of testing, the CropTower™ uses state-of-the-art growing and nutritional technologies in a specially designed environment to create the optimum growing conditions.

Turnkey Solution

Professionally installed, automated vertical grow management system to take you from clone to harvest

Minimal Upfront Capital

Our leasing model enables you to get the grow system with little upfront investment beyond an initial down payment.

Triple Production

Each CropTowerTM can grow 102 plants in 81 square feet, increasing yield up to 3x over current production

Reduce Operating Costs

Decrease operating costs up to 20% with savings on water, nutrients, energy, labor, and supplies

Perpetual Harvest

No matter the weather, you will have a perpetual 60-day harvest with reduced time for clone and veg

Expert Monitoring

Proprietary computer management system monitors and controls every key aspect of each tower

Water & Nutrition Management

CropTowerTM automatically delivers temperature controlled, oxygenated nutrient rich water

Energy-Efficient Lighting

360° of finely-tuned LED grow lights from Violet GroTM to give you more light with significant energy & heat savings

High Quality Product

Engineered to give you 15-25 pounds per harvest of consistently high quality, medical grade product

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About Us
About Us

Future Grow Solutions is a Michigan based company and was created to help the cannabis industry maximize their profits and produce exceptional products. With the constant changing of the laws and technology, the team at Future Grow Solutions can help clients by outfitting their facilities with the revolutionary CropTower™ system and with consulting in all aspects of the cannabis industry.

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